Partial Payments

Partial Payments


Your customers can partially pay for a transaction at one time and pay for the rest at a later time, from the Split Payments screen. 


  • Can only be performed by Administrator, Manager, and Salesperson employee roles. 
  • Freedom/Restaurant/OmniChannel customers can use credit cards as a partial payment option if the Credit/Debit POS Integration app was installed and the terminal was properly setup within the POS. 
  • Debit Cards are only an option for partial payments if customers use signature debit cards, in which case Credit Card should be selected as the payment type. Exception: If a surcharge was added in the Merchant Fee tab of Store Settings, Signature Debit Card will be available as an option for partial payments.
  • Cash discounts can only be applied to partial payments by users who do not have a fee added for non-cash transactions. To set up your cash discount program so that a fee is not added, please contact
  • Loyalty points can only be earned after every payment in the order is charged, but loyalty rewards can be redeemed after any of the split payments in the order are charged. 


Note: Partial payments cannot be performed for exchange transactions. 



1. After selecting one or more product(s) in the catalog, select the All Payments button on the bottom left of the screen.


2. Select Split Payment as the payment method.


3. On the Split Payment screen, select the number of individual payments for the order by tapping the + or - sign until you get to that number. The default will be set at 2.


4. For each individual payment, a row will appear. Select the payment type for each payment by tapping the down arrow on each row and then selecting the preferred option for each. 



5. By default, the cost will be split evenly across all payments. You can edit the cost for each payment by inputting the cursor where the $ amount is and entering the desired amount.

  • The sum of all amounts must be = to the total sales price of order. It will update the other amounts automatically to make them = to the total sales price. 


6. Select the Charge button next to each payment row to charge each individual payment by their selected payment option. 

  • When charged payment type is Cash, you will be moved to the Cash Payment screen. Follow the steps in the following article to process the transaction: Cash Payments 
  • When charged payment type is Credit Card, you will be moved to the Credit Card Payment screen. Follow the steps in the following article to process the transaction: Credit Card Payments
  • When charged payment type is External Payment, you will be moved to the External Payment screen. Follow the steps in the following article to process the transaction: External Payments
  • When charged payment type is EBT Card, you will be moved to the EBT Card Payment screen. Follow the steps in the following article to process the transaction: EBT Card Payments


  • The cash discount amount applied to the order will be split proportionally among all the cash payment types and the surcharge amount applied will be split among all credit transactions.

7. After each payment is processed, you will return to the Split Payment screen, where you can select to charge another payment. 

  • A check mark will appear in each successfully processed row and you will have the option to Void each processed payment. 


8. Once at least one payment in the order has been charged, the Pay More Later button will be able to be selected. Select this button to charge the remaining payments from the order (that have not yet been charged) at a later time.


9. After selecting the Pay More Later button: 

  • All items from the order will be deducted from their stock quantity.
  • The transaction info for the partial payment will be saved and the status of the order will be “Partially Paid”.
  • You will be redirected to the shopping cart/Tables screen (if have the Table management app & Tables mode was selected for the register in Register Settings from Back Office).

10. To process the rest of the payment(s) in the transaction, first select Orders in the left navigation menu. 

11. Tap the order you would like to finish processing from the Orders list. You will be moved to the Order Details screen.

12. Select the green Charge button on the bottom left. 

On this screen, you can also:

  • Select the Print Receipt button to print the receipt(s) of the transaction(s), within the order, that have already been paid/charged.
  • Select the Print Kitchen Receipt button to print all the kitchen receipt(s) for the order. 
  • Select the Email Receipt button to email the receipt(s) of the transaction(s), within the order, that have already been paid/charged. 

13. If the Charge button was selected, you will be taken back to the Split Payment screen for the order. 


14. Process the rest of the transaction(s) in the order or select the Pay More Later button again to continue more payment(s) in the order at a later time.

  • You will be able to void a particular charge after selecting the Void button if the payment was processed in the same shift and the batch was not closed on the terminal. Otherwise, you will be able to refund the charge after selecting the Refund button.
  • The Refund receipt for a partially paid order will display all the items in the order, but none of them will be returned to the stock quantity, unless the whole order is refunded. The refunded amount will also be displayed.


15. Once all payments in the order have been successfully charged, select the PROCESS button that will appear on the bottom of the screen. 


16. You will be taken to the Receipt screen for the order as a whole. Choose the Receipt language by selecting it from the drop-down.


17. Choose to either Email receipt or Print receipt by tapping the switch to the right of the option (if selected, will appear as blue). 

  • You also have the option to Print kitchen receipt if enabled for one of the products in the order in the Products section of Back Office.
  • If the Print Receipt or Print Kitchen Receipt option was turned off for a transaction, it will be turned off by default for future transactions until it is turned on again for another transaction. 
  • If you selected Email receipt, you will have the option to create the customer in the system, saving his email address, name, and order information. To do this, select the Add new customer? switch so it turns green and then you will have the ability to enter his First Name and Last Name.

           Note: this option will not be available if a customer was already selected for the order. 

18. Tap the DONE button to return to the shopping cart/Tables screen. 

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