Navigating Product Catalog and Adding/Removing Items from Shopping Cart

Navigating Product Catalog and Adding/Removing Items from Shopping Cart

Navigating Product Catalog

When selecting certain items for a customer's order, you can navigate through these items in the product catalog. Categories group the items.

  • When there are a lot of categories in the catalog, not all may appear on the screen at once. To navigate through them, either click on the arrows below the categories using a Windows device or swipe through them if using a tablet device. 


Note: You can limit the number of products that appear in each category of POS (In the Back Office Store Settings General tab, under Number of products to display in each category for quick access - with the options being 24, 36, 60; 120; 180; or 240) so that you can more quickly access the most sold items (it is recommended to move these items to the first pages of each category via the Menu Builder app.) and speed up the performance of your POS. The products in each category that will not appear can still be added to customers' shopping carts via a search or scan. 


Adding Item(s) to Shopping Cart

1. Select the category that the item was assigned to.

  • When there are a lot of items in the category, not all may appear on the screen at once. To navigate through them, either click on the arrows below the items using a Windows device or swipe through them if using a tablet device. 


2. To add a product to the cart, click on the product.

  • The item and its details will appear in the shopping cart for the order. 
  • If the product has modifiers (set up in Back Office), the modifiers will appear after clicking on the product, with the option of selecting.

  • You can add as many items as you would like to a particular order. 
  • When more items are in the shopping cart than are visible on the screen, it will automatically scroll to those items in the cart the moment they are added.
  • You can also add a product to the cart by either scanning the product's bar code or entering the product's name, UPC, or Serial # in the Search for item field found above the product catalog. 


Removing Item(s) From the Shopping Cart

  • If using a Windows device, click on the red X button to the right of the item that you would like to remove in the shopping cart.
  • If using a tablet device, swipe left on the item and then tap on the red X button that appears. 

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