Exporting Reports

Exporting Reports


The reports in eHopper that can be exported to a .CSV file are: 

  • Tips Report
  • Z Report
  • Product Mix Report; Ingredients Report; Modifiers Report
  • Tax Report; Merchant Fee and Cash Discount Report
  • Time Clock Report
  • Transactions Report 
  • Inventory Report; Inventory Aging; Adjustment Report
  • PO Receiving Report; Serial Item Tracking Report; Store Transfer Report
  • Orders Report (orders list / order details)
  • Loyalty Report



  • For any report, before exporting it is required to select a time range (it is TODAY by default) > click Apply > click Search > Export.
  • To export, click on the Export button on the top right of the screen and then select the file after it downloads. 
  • Only records that match what you set in the filters and search criteria will be exported.
  • The exported report will be localized and exported using the default account language.
  • Date/Time fields are exported in the same time zone as set in Back Office.
  • The reports will be exported in .CSV format.


Reports that Can be Exported:

  • Tips Report


  • Z Report


  • Product Mix Report


  • Tax Report


  • Time Clock Report


  • Transactions Report 

Please note that Reporting data older than one year is archived and will not be available for viewing and exporting. Please export and store your reports in timely manner.

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