eCommerce Site Setup

eCommerce Site Setup

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Selecting Products to Sell Online



  • Once you install the eCommerce app (or create/upgrade to the OmniChannel package), you can set up your online site by yourself through the eCommerce settings.
  • For an overview of what our eCommerce program offers, please see
  • You can also view the following demo video: 



  • Must have installed either the Managed eCommerce app or eCommerce app from the Apps Directory, or have signed up for/upgraded to the OmniChannel Package. 



1. Go to Apps--->eCommerce in the Back Office left navigation menu. 

2. In the Setup section, input the name you would like displayed as the title of your online store in the Online Store Name field.

3. In the Online Store URL field, enter the URL you would like to use for your online store (the domain will be 

4. Enter the email address that you would like to be notified about online orders in the Contact Email field.

5. In the Store for Connection drop-down field, select the active store whose info you would like to synchronize to your online store.

6. In the Theme Settings section, select the color scheme that you would like to use for your store from the available options.

  • You can also Preview the theme, which will open in a new browser tab. 


7. Once you have selected a color scheme, hit the SAVE button.  

8. A Confirmation popup will appear. Select the Yes option if you would like to be notified once your site is created via a push notification.


  • You will be taken to a Thank you screen, which will be displayed until the online site has been created. This process will take about 10 minutes. In that time, you can leave the screen and perform other operations within eHopper.  When you return, everything will still be in progress and nothing will be lost.

  • In the event that an error occurs, you will receive an error message, where you will have the option to try again.
  • If you allowed the push notifications, you will receive a notification once the site is completed. You will also receive an email informing you of this.  

10. Once the site is complete, return back to the eCommerce settings screen. In the Connection section, the URL of your site will be displayed. Select it to view the site (products will appear once synced).

11. Select the Store from the drop-down that you would like to sync data from to the online store.

12. In the Data Transfer section, you can optionally choose to schedule a daily time that your data will sync to your online store by selecting the Schedule data sync checkbox and then choosing a time from the drop-down.


13. Also under Data Transfer, you can also optionally select the eCommerce Stock Management checkbox to make the quantity of each of your products visible on the online store.
14. You can disable synchronizing pictures from Back Office to your website by unchecking Send images checkbox:

15. Select the SAVE button to save the settings from steps 11-13. 

16. In the Payment Settings section, select the Cash Payments checkbox if you would like to your customers to have the option of ordering online and paying later, through cash upon delivery or pickup.

17. Select the Credit Cards - checkbox if you would like customers to have the option of paying online via credit card, through the gateway. In order to use, you will need to have/create an account. Contact your merchant service provider to find out if you have one, if they can create one for you. 

18. If you selected the Credit Cards - checkbox, additional fields will appear. Follow the instructions provided under each field to acquire each of the API Login IDTransaction Key, and Client Public Key within your account and enter them in their respective fields. 

19. If you would like customers to have the option to pay online through PayPal, select the PayPal checkbox. Then enter the email associated with your PayPal account in the PayPal Email field, as well as the PayPal API Username, API Password, and API Signature (these can be found by following the directions provided under each field within your PayPal account). 

20. Once you have finished providing the Payment Settings info, select the SAVE PAYMENTS button. 

21. Select the SYNC NOW button to synchronize the inventory data from the selected store to your online site. 

NOTE: By default, products will not appear on the online site. To enable products to appear, please see the section below, Choosing Products to Sell Online.

22. The synchronization may take a few minutes. Once complete, your product data will appear on your site.

  • Under Synchronization History, you can view the history of all synchronizations performed and view their details.


Choosing Products to Sell Online

IMPORTANT: Product Names must be less than 50 symbols in order for the product data to sync to the eCommerce site.
PLEASE NOTE that a product can have not more than 10 modifier groups assigned to it. 

By default, each created product will not be sold on your online site. To enable a product to appear for sale on your site, do the following steps:

1. In the Back Office left navigation menu, go to Inventory --> Products and then select a product you would like to sell online. 

2. Go to the eCommerce tab and select the Include in eCommerce checkbox. 


3. Repeat steps 1-2 for every product you would like to sell online.

4. In the left menu, go to Apps --->eCommerce and select the SYNC NOW button.

  • The specified products will now appear on the online site.  

Note: You can view all products that were enabled to be sold online by logging in to Back Office and selecting Inventory--->Products in the left menu. There is an eCommerce column on that page. Each product that has the Include in eCommerce checkbox selected will have a green check mark in that field.

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