Adding Notes to Item and Order for Receipt

Adding Notes to Item and Order for Receipt


  • You can add notes to either a specific item or an entire order. These notes will appear on the kitchen receipt for the transaction. 



1. Must allow notes as an option in Back Office. To do this, go to Settings--->Store Settings. In the Item Notes: section, select the circle next to either No notesMandatory or Optional. Click DONE to confirm.

  • Then, be sure to sync the data in POS. 


Adding Notes to Item

1. After selecting particular item for the shopping cart, click on it as it appears on the left side of the screen.

2. Select the Notes tab that appears on the right side of the screen.

3. In the box where it says, Type item-specific notes here, type in whatever notes you would like to appear in the order and on printed kitchen receipt for that specific item.


4. Click DONE button or switch to a different tab.

  • The item notes will appear under the item in the shopping cart and will print out on the receipt.


  • You will also be able to view the Item Notes if you go to the order's Order Details by selecting Orders in the left menu and then selecting the order.  




Adding Notes to Order

  1. After selecting item(s) to add to the order, click on the Notes button at the bottom of the screen.

2. On the Order Notes page, in the box where it says, Type order-specific notes here, type in whatever notes you would like to appear on the printed kitchen receipt for the whole order.

3. Click the DONE button.

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